FAC is an emerging Flight Training Organisation and the only one that utilises solely Diamond Aircraft (with the exception for Aerobatic) for the training it delivers. The organisation is located in South-East Queensland (Brisbane and Ipswich), a location that accounts for over 300 flyable days per year – one of the highest amongst the major cities around Australia.


We have a range of training activities that are approved under our 141 certificate with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia. Our college instructors are highly qualified and able to teach the following flight courses; Recreational Pilot License, Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Single Engine Class Rating, Multi-Engine Class Rating, Instrument Rating, Private Instrument Rating (PIFR), Night VFR Rating, Low Level Rating and Flight Instructor Rating. Alongside this, FlyLink Aviation College can also offer flight activites as well; these include Aerobatics and Formation.


Approved by CASA, our institution allows instructors to conduct flight theory courses outside Australia and to provide participants with the initial Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority flight theory exams.


  • Better Model – Utilises solely Diamond Aircraft (with the exception for Aerobatic) for the training, bring students the most advanced and safest operating experience.
  • Better Employment – Non-airline appoint courses, provide students with a wider choice of employment options.
  • Better Facilities – Introducing the latest simulators operating equipment, gives more chances for students to improve their the skills of aviation.
  • Better Environment – Separating theoretical and practical campus, in order to set a safer and more comfortable learning environment.
  • Better Service – Equipped with English counselors to enhance students’ English proficiency after class.
  • Better Channel – The supporting “Talents Program” to provide excellent students with a higher level of learning needs.
  • Better Courses – Increase the length of theoretical teaching and introduce the most basic and easy-to-understand zero-based admission experience to students.

    Once achieving the respected flight hours, the students will then undergo CASA flight exams. Students can graduate with a CASA certified Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or have the option to continue with a Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) or choose to do a Flight Instructor Rating (FIR).


    Once the student has graduated from FlyLink Aviation College, they have the option to engage in work outside of Australia if they choose.


    Outstanding students can also become Flight Instructors within our college and gain hours and experience, giving a helping hand to the future of aviation within FAC.

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